Twenty Minutes in Houston – Traer Scott

Traer Scott
Pandas, 2009 from the series Natural History

Archival inkjet print photograph
20x20", limited edition of 20 numbered prints in this size.
Signed by the artist.
Print prices are set by the artist, start at $950.00 and increase as the edition sells out.

The artist states, "Natural History is a series of candid, single exposure images which merge the living and the dead, creating allegorical narratives of our troubled co-existence with nature. Ghost-like reflections of modern visitors viewing wildlife dioramas are juxtaposed against the taxidermied subjects themselves, housed behind the thick glass with their faces molded into permanent expressions of fear, aggression or fleeting passivity. After decades of over-hunting, climate change, poaching and destruction of habitat, many of these long dead diorama specimens now represent endangered or completely extinct species."

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