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Thomas Allen - Uncovered

Thomas Allen selects the pulpiest of pulp paperbacks and then lovingly slices out a figure from the cover, gently folds it into position, and constructs a witty scene around it. In Thirst, a sultry dame reaches from her cover toward a guy with a bottle on a nearby volume; in Teeter a man careens toward the edge of a stack of paperbacks ready to topple. Well suited to the three-dimensional heft of a board book, the images in Uncovered are combined into an almost toylike object that will delight photography lovers, graphic designers, and bibliophiles with a sense of humor. First Edition, Board book with die-cut cover, 2007 Aperture, 8.5x7", 27 four-color plates, 48 Pages. Signed by Thomas Allen. $35.00.

Emi Anrakuji - (See Limited Edition section below)

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Richard Avedon - Made In France
Mint Condition First Edition still in publisher's shrinkwrap!

This major monograph stands as an important rediscovery of a small but central body of work in the career of one of the world's best known and beloved photographers. The Richard Avedon images presented here, many for the first time, were made in Paris for Harper's Bazaar during the 1950s. What is particularly special about this presentation is that the images are being reproduced to the exact scale of the engraver's prints made for Avedon by the master printer Andre Gremola, and are uncropped, on their original mounts, with all of the artist's notations on both front and back. Thus, they provide a remarkable portrait of the working methods of one of the most influential fashion photographers in history. This oversized book was printed without compromise with quadrotone plates throughout, and is a stunning object in its own right. With this body of work, which includes the photographer's iconographic Dovima with Elephants, Cirque d'Hiver, 1955, Avedon broke radical new ground in the history of photography. He documented the moment in which postwar France was striving through fashion to reclaim its cultural eminence. First Edition, 2001, Fraenkel Gallery, Hardcover, 14.75x11.25". 56 pp. with 40 quadrotone plates. Condition: Mint (still in publisher's original shrinkwrap). Out-of-print. ONE AVAILABLE. $749.00.

A MUST HAVE! Ruth Bernhard - The Eternal Body

A forty-plus year retrospective collection of Bernhard's work, a classic title in the world of nude photography and a magnificently produced and very beautiful book. In her introduction, Bernhard states "In photographing the nude, it is my aim to transform the complexities of the figure into harmonies of simplified form. I have approached my work with the nude much as I create a still life, with patience and reverence. My quest through the magic of light and shadow, is to isolate, to simplify and to give emphasis to form with the greatest clarity." Fifty duotone plates w/ 24 pages of insightful text. Softcover edition, 2006, Chronicle Books, 11.5x12". RARE and VERY limited ~ few copies remain. Interior in excellent (like new) condition with only minor bump to spine and very minor rubbing on cover. Boldly signed in her unmistakable calligraphic style in black fountain pen. Signed by Ruth Bernhard. $189.00.
SNEAK PREVIEW: Click here to look inside this beautiful monograph.

Ruth Bernhard - Between Art & Life

The superbly executed and well-illustrated biography of this remarkable photographer whom Ansel Adams called "Outstanding...the greatest photographer of the nude." As told by Ruth in countless conversations with close friend and biographer Margaretta Mitchell, this thoughtful, illustrated memoir is a true tribute to the legendary artist. Reminiscent of a personal scrapbook, the engaging text is adorned with an abundance of fascinating memorabilia and nostalgic snapshots. Woven throughout is correspondence between Ruth and her mentor Edward Weston, as well as interviews with friends, colleagues, students, and her long-time printer. Exquisite gray cloth-bound hardcover with title embossed in gold on spine, wrapped in pictorial dustjacket. First edition, 2000, Chronicle Books, 10x10", 160 pages with numerous duotone illustrations. Boldly signed in her unmistakable calligraphic style in black fountain pen. Signed by Ruth Bernhard. $199.00.

Paul Caponigro - Meditations in Silver

In the 1960s, following a move to New York City, Paul Caponigro focused his attention on still lifes. In the words of David Stroud, his iconic image Apple, New York City, 1964, "sums up Caponigro's exploration of still life at that time as it looks forward to his later work." Truly, those words were prophetic. In 1999, 35 years later and after a hiatus of six years from all things photographic, Caponigro stated simply, "Objects collected from nature started to wink at me." One senses that the meticulously composed still lifes presented on these pages are personal elegies as well as archetypical totems, inviting viewers to explore their own personal mythology. This volume contains 44 still-life studies all produced between 1999 and 2005. Hardbound in black cloth with dust jacket. First Edition, 2008, Nazraeli Press, 10.5x9". Out-of-print. ONE AVAILABLE. $55.00.

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Henri Cartier-Bresson - Photographer
Henri Cartier-Bresson was surely the most influential and highly regarded master of documentary photography of the 20th century. The man who coined the term 'the decisive moment' spent a lifetime capturing some of the most recognized, iconic images in the modern history of the medium itself. Cartier-Bresson co-founded the renowned Magnum photography agency in 1947 and continued to travel the world making his unforgettable images. Cartier-Bresson died in Montjustin, France on August 3, 2004 at the age of ninety five. First Revised Edition, 1992, Bulfinch, embossed cloth hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, 11.5x12", 388 pages, 155 duotone plates. Condition: Covers and Contents: Excellent. D/J shows very minor wear and is now protected with a mylar wrap. Bookplate affixed to title page boldly signed by Henri Cartier-Bresson. ONE AVAILABLE. $1,995.00.

Henri Cartier-Bresson - The Impassioned Eye
Heinz Bütler's Henri Cartier Bresson: The Impassioned Eye is a mature, evocative biography of the man considered to be the greatest photographer of the last century and the grandfather of photojournalism. Cartier-Bresson personally involves himself for the first time in a biographical film project, providing commentary and interviews. Actress Isabelle Huppert, playwright Arthur Miller, publisher Robert Delpire and the photographers Elliott Erwitt, Josef Koudelka and Ferdinando Scianna present their own very personal views on Cartier-Bresson as friend and photographer. Color and black & white. 72 minutes. $19.99 (includes shipping and handling within the USA).

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Edward S. Curtis: The Life and Times of a Shadow Catcher

Esteemed author Barbara A. Davis offers the quintessential, comprehensive history of the life of Edward S. Curtis, including the 30+ year saga of creating his magnum opus, The North American Indian; a twenty volume & portfolio study of every remaining Native American tribe in North America at the turn of the last century. This long out-of-print volume is essential for any Curtis collector. With an appreciation by Beaumont Newhall and foreword by Bill Holm. First Edition, 1985, Chronicle Books, Gold-embossed cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, 13.5x10.25". 256 pp. with 182 black & white plates and 13 color plates. Out-of-print now for decades. Condition: contents excellent, D/J has very minor surface dings and is now protected with a mylar cover. ONE AVAILABLE. $129.00.

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Bruce Davidson - East 100th Street
Mint Condition First Edition still in publisher's shrinkwrap!

For two years in the 1960s, Bruce Davidson photographed one block in East Harlem. He went back day after day, standing on sidewalks, knocking on doors, asking permission to photograph a face, a child, a room, a family. Through his skill, his extraordinary vision, and his deep respect for his subjects, Davidson's portrait of the people of East 100th Street is a powerful statement of the dignity and humanity that is in all people. Long out of print, this volume is a re-issue of the classic book of photographs originally published in 1970 and recently included in The Book of 101 Books. First edition thus, first printing (St. Ann's Press expanded re-issued edition, with 25 images added by Davidson that were not included in the original edition published by The Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1970). 2003, St. Ann's Press, cloth hardcover with title stamped in black, and plate tipped in debossed front cover, with clear acetate dust jacket. 12.25x11.25". 166 pp., with 149 tritone plates, beautifully printed on heavy stock fine paper by Trifolio, Verona, Italy. Out-of-Print. Condition: Mint (still in publisher's original shrinkwrap). ONE AVAILABLE. $149.00.

Lee Friedlander - Cherry Blossom Time in Japan: The Complete Works

"I first went to Japan in 1977 and found the whole country ablaze with blossom. I went again in 1979, 1981 and 1984, always at cherry blossom time. As far as I knew, Japan was always abloom." So says the legendary American photographer Lee Friedlander, whose newest publication presents, for the first time, the complete set of 73 images that the artist made during his four trips to Japan. The groundbreaking black-and-white images-first seen as 25 photogravures in a 1986 portfolio, and long out of print-appear as examples of radical picture-making even 20 years later, as few serious photographers would have dared to photograph cherry blossoms with anything other than color film at that time. The result is a new kind of beauty, with many of the compositions bordering on visual chaos. Behind the green cover with the pink Japanese characters all the horizontal images are gathered. Flip the book up and over, and behind the pink cover with the green characters are all the vertical images. The two sections of the book are separated by a single page; green on one side and pink on the other. The only text, appropriately, is the list of plates, a brief but eloquent statement by the artist and a lovely poem in both English and Japanese that is as relevant today as it was when it was written in the ninth century. This volume perfectly incorporates ingenious design with first-rate printing. First Edition, 2006, Fraenkel Gallery/D.A.P., 8.25x11.25", hardcover without dust jacket, as issued. 156 pp. with 73 tritone drytap plates. Signed by Lee Friedlander. ONE AVAILABLE. $99.00.

Rolfe Horn - 28 Photographs

Whether focusing his lens on soft and misty undergrowth or stark, man-made structures, Rolfe Horn has a natural talent to arrest one's gaze and hold it captive. This striking selection of 28 black-and-white photographs will impress from the very first viewing; the inevitable desire to explore more deeply will uncover significant details that might otherwise go unnoticed. With his subtle use of tone and lighting, this talented young photographer has produced a body of work that is touched with a quietness and an alluring, dream-like quality. The first printing of "28 Photographs" sold out upon publication. This second printing was limited to just 500 casebound copies and is now out of print as well.
Hardbound in blue cloth with photo-repro plate affixed to front cover, without dust jacket, as issued. Second Edition (now Out-of-Print), 2005, Nazraeli Press, 12x11.5". Signed by Rolfe Horn. $60.00.

RARE! Michael Kenna - Impossible to Forget

Michael Kenna photographed Nazi concentration and extermination camps from 1988 to 2000, subsequently donating all negatives, prints, and their respective rights to the French Government and the Caen Memorial. Kenna first visited the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in France in 1986. Two years later he returned, still marked by the initial emotional impact, no doubt the key to his decision to develop a project about the Holocaust. Since then, he has repeatedly returned to Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen, Lublin-Majdanek, Ravensbruck, Buchenwald and many other camps to photograph their restless emptiness. RARE.  First Edition, 2001, Nazraeli Press. Cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, 12.25x10", 105 duotone plates. Signed by Michael Kenna. ONE AVAILABLE. $65.00.

Michael Kenna - Easter Island

Situated in the South Pacific, Easter Island is more than 2,000 miles from the nearest population centers, making it one of the most isolated places on earth. Best known for the giant stone monoliths, or Moai, dotting its coastline, the island was named by Admiral Roggeveen, who chanced upon the triangle of volcanic rock on Easter Sunday in the year 1772. Japanese saifu (silk-like) cloth cover, with pictorial dust jacket. Photographs and essay (on the subject of Easter Island and the speculation surrounding its history) by Michael Kenna. 72 pp. with 40 duotone plates beautifully printed on matte art paper. Second printing, 2002, Nazraeli Press, 13x12". Signed by Michael Kenna. ONE AVAILABLE. $55.00.

Michael Kenna - A Twenty Year Retrospective

In association with its original Japanese publisher, Treville, we are pleased to present this new printing of Michael Kenna: A Twenty Year Retrospective. The Nazraeli Press edition features a larger format than previous editions, with high fidelity tritones printed 1:1 from original prints. It serves as a companion volume to Kenna's Retrospective Two. Kenna's mysterious photographs, often made at dawn or in the dark hours of night, concentrate on the interaction between natural landscape and man-made structures. His work has been shown throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan, and is in such permanent collections as The Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; The Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; The National Gallery of Art, Washington; and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In her foreword, Ruth Bernhard describes Kenna's prints as "exquisitely seductive, spiritual experiences, akin to poetry and music." An essay by Peter C. Bunnell considers Kenna's background and development, providing a thoughtful introduction to the 130 images that represent the twenty-year period from 1974 to 1994. Cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, fourth printing, 2007, Nazraeli Press, 13x12.25", 130 duotone plates. ONE AVAILABLE. Signed by Michael Kenna. $55.00.

Michael Kenna - Retrospective Two

Published as a companion book to the artist's Twenty Year Retrospective, Michael Kenna: Retrospective Two presents an overview of Kenna's landscape photographs made between 1994 and 2004. Michael Kenna is arguably the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. The subject of over 20 books and hundreds of solo exhibitions throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States, Michael Kenna often works at dawn or during the night. He concentrates primarily on the interaction between the ephemeral atmospheric conditions of the natural landscape, and human-made structures and sculptural mass. The introduction "Inventing Peace" by Anne W. Tucker, Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, explores Kenna's relationship to contemporary photographic ideas. Cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, second printing, 2004, Nazraeli Press, 13x12", 130 duotone plates. Signed by Michael Kenna. $55.00.

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Michael Kenna - Venezia
Mint Condition First Edition still in publisher's shrinkwrap!

This crumbling jewel of Northern Italy, built completely on marshland, is steeped in history and irresistibly imbued with romance. Known as 'The City of Light' and 'Queen of the Adriatic', Venezia is indelibly tinged with dark intrigue, decadence and decay. Comprising 118 small islands along the Adriatic Sea, Venezia was a maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and a staging area for the Crusades. The city's long decline began some 500 years ago; but its survival of two episodes of the Black Death, and the loss of its thousand years of independence to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797 – as well as the fact that it appears to be sinking slowly into the waters on which it is built – has only added to its mystique. This beautifully produced book brings together a collection of haunting images quietly made by Michael Kenna over the last 30 years, many of which are published here for the first time. First Edition, First Printing (one of 2,000 hand-numbered copies), 2010, Nazraeli Press. Cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, housed in cloth-bound slipcase, 12.5x12", 40 tritone plates. Condition: Mint (still in publisher's original shrinkwrap). ONE AVAILABLE. $149.00.

Annie Leibovitz - Photographs 1970-1990

Star photographer for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and numerous other publications since the Seventies, Leibovitz here offers a retrospective that shows how far she has come. The early photographs have a documentary feel, even recalling Evans's Depression-era photography or Arbus's sense of the grotesque. They can seem cluttered, but in fact present the right amount of information without feeling posed. The later photographs are cleaner, clearer, and often in color. Props are used effectively to extend the subject's image: Keith Haring painted with the black-and-white abstractions he favored; Christo wrapped; David Lynch with turtleneck up to the hairline; Sting caked in mud: Clint Eastwood tied up; a shot of Pele's soccer-battered feet. These photographs simultaneously exploit each luminary's image while allowing them a certain privacy because they are playing along with the photographer. Ingrid Sishchy's introductory interview gets to the heart of Leibovitz's working methods and concerns. A book for popular collections that also offers cultural insight.-Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal. Pictorial hardcover with glassine dustjacket, First Edition, 1991, HarperCollins, 13.25x11.25", 232 pp. with 242 Plates. In overall excellent condition. Long out-of-print. ONE AVAILABLE. $99.00.

Arthur Leipzig - On Assignment

On Assignment takes us onto a fishing boat in the North Atlantic in midwinter, into a community of African Jews in Ethiopia, or underground Virginia coal miners. Arthur Leipzig's assignments have led him from the streets of New York to the mountains of Central America. In each of these remarkable photographs, Leipzig captures decisive and dramatic images of the subject, but also goes beyond each assignment to reveal the hearts and souls of the people he has met. Cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, First Edition, 2005, Long Island University Press, 10.5x10.5", 118 duotone plates. Signed by Arthur Leipzig and dated May 23, 2013. Leipzig passed away on December 5, 2014 at the age of 96. ONE AVAILABLE. $99.00.

O. Winston Link - The Last Steam Railroad in America

From 1955 to 1959, O. Winston Link travelled up and down the Norfolk and Western railroad, taking pictures of the trains, the towns and the people who lived and worked there. This book contains day and night photographs, with a text on the railroad's activities, Link's achievement and his life. The author, Thomas H. Garver, served as an assistant for many years to Mr. Link and fills this beautiful volume with very insightful text. This volumes also includes 24 examples of rare color images by Link. Hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, second printing, 2002, Abradale Press, 11x11.75", 109 duotone plates and 24 full-color plates. ONE AVAILABLE. Signed by Thomas H. Garver and dated 11/9/03. $75.00.

Man Ray - American Artist (by Neil Baldwin)

Man Ray is the quintessential modernist figure - painter, sculptor, photographer, filmmaker, poet, and philosopher. One of the most fascinating of the Surrealists who transformed the Paris art world during the 1920s, Man Ray was an enigma - a Dadist who revered the Old Masters, an anarchist pursued by wealthy patrons. Driven to make his mark in as many art forms as pssible, he struggled bitterly to win acceptance as a painter even as his skill as a photographer brought him worldwide fame. Written with the close cooperation of his widow, Juliet, Man Ray is the definitive story of the life and times of one of the greatest modern artists, a man whose influence on culture resonates even today. Second Paperback Edition, 1988, Da Capo Press, 9.25x6.25". Signed by Neil Baldwin. $14.95.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Raymond Meeks - a Clearing

Photographs by Raymond Meeks. Poem by Forrest Gander. One of the most beautiful art photography books of the year 2008. The second collaboration between the photographer and poet. Limited Edition of 500 numbered and signed copies. An austerely elegant production by Raymond Meeks and Chris Pichler. Pristine-white hard boards with titles embossed on spine, as issued. Original 4 X 5 inch silver-gelatin print mounted on the back cover (instead of the front, as is usually the case), a brilliant touch on the part of the publisher and artist. Printed on thick uncoated stock paper in Hong Kong to the very highest standards. First (and only) Edition, 2008, Nazraeli Press. Hardcover with pictorial dustjacket, 17x12", 48 pp. with 34 Plates. Signed and numbered by Raymond Meeks. $99.00.

Raymond Meeks - (Also see Limited Edition section below)

Joseph Mills - (See Limited Edition section below)

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Mark Mothersbaugh - Beautiful Mutants

Mark Mothersbaugh's art leads the viewer to see the hidden mutant in us all. The artist renders a study of humans via symmetry, using photos, both recent and vintage, in which each photograph, like the "self" in Jungian analysis, is transformed to emerge from its chrysalis as something with expected and uninvestigated properties. It no longer represents anything immediately known; rather, it now appears in a double guise, as both known and unknown. Mothersbaugh's images are real yet unreal, of this world yet otherworldly, mysterious yet deeply, if unconsciously, meaningful. The mutants are taken from nature in the form of images pulled from man's past, then corrected into sickeningly beautiful beings to become, through this "correction," symbolic. Mark Mothersbaugh is also a founding member of the music group DEVO and has composed music for television, film, and games. RARE. Black faux-leather, embossed hardcover with gold foil stamped title on cover and spine; photo repro plate attached. Red cloth bookmark sewn into spine. First Edition, 2007, Grand Central Press. 8.5x7.5". 252 full-color plates. Signed by Mark Mothersbaugh. $49.00.

Patrick Nagatani - Nuclear Enchantment

Large-format constructed photo-dramas of New Mexico's nuclear landscape by the master of the medium. Essay by Eugenia Parry Janis. First edition, 1991, University of New Mexico Press, 9.25x12.5", 40 four-color plates, 2 color maps (with nuclear site legends), 42 color and 3 b&w reference illustrations. Rare cloth-bound hardcover with pictorial dustjacket
protected in mylar. Long out-of-print. Signed by Patrick Nagatani. $65.00.
SNEAK PREVIEW: Click here to look inside this remarkable monograph.

RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Irving Penn - Flowers

Master photographer Irving Penn spent seven years compiling the gorgeous images contained in this quintessential volume, out of print now for decades. These photographic essays capture the extraordinary beauty and promise of the poppy, tulip, rose, lily, peony, orchid and begonia. Flowers is a visual delight that joins the photographic genius of Irving Penn with teh beauty and miracle of nature. First Edition/First Printing, 1980, Harmony Books, 10.25x10.25". Rare, mint condition cloth-bound hardcover with near mint pictorial dustjacket protected in mylar. Long out-of-print. ONE AVAILABLE. $199.00.

Toshio Shibata - (See Limited Edition section below)

Joni Sternbach - (See Limited Edition section below)

Mandy Vahabzadeh - Soul Unsold

A beautiful vision of India and her people, as seen through thought-provoking words and images. Portraits of a proud and beautiful people that are probably the best we shall ever see of a way of life that has remained untouched in large part by massive foreign influence. Full-frame reproductions shot in medium format. Printed in Kashmir, India with exquisite hand-made Ginshenshi red-paper flyleaves. Hardcover bound in red-orange cloth, bright gold gilt circle on front cover, no D/J as issued. Housed in a brown cardboard pictorial slipcase. Mint condition, still sealed in publisher's original shrink wrap. Prologue by Gordon Parks, poems by Chitra Neogy-Tezak. Out-of-print first edition (limited to 5,000 copies), 1992, Graystone Books, 12x9.75". Unpaginated with 44 duotone plates. Long out-of-print. Originally published at $65. Soulcatcher Studio Special Price: $19.50. YOU SAVE 70% !
SNEAK PREVIEW: Click here to look inside this remarkable monograph.
Ron van Dongen - (See Limited Edition section below)

Hiroshi Watanabe - (See Limited Edition section below)
RARE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Masao Yamamoto - Nakazora
One of the most beautiful and unique monographs ever published!

'Nakazora' is a Buddhist term that has multiple meanings, including "the space between sky and earth; a state when the feet do not touch the ground; the center of the sky; the zenith." This combination of definitions and implications leads one to think of the spiritual, and in particular, how the physical world can reflect that 'other' world. It is a perfect word to use in relation to Yamamoto's work, for he is seemingly not concerned so much with subject matter as he is with allowing the subject to be a signpost to the immaterial, to that 'other'. Nakazora is the second publication on this Japanese artist's work, but it is not a book. Yamamoto designed an 18-foot scroll that has been printed in process color on uncoated Japanese stock. Limited to 1,000 copies and long out-of-mint, Nakazora is housed in a wooden presentation case with an acrylic lid. First edition, 2002, Nazraeli Press, 46 full-color plates. Scroll: 11"x18' long. Presentation case: 12.5x2.75x2.25". Mint condition (as new). Signed (in Japanese characters) by Masao Yamamoto. $299.00.

Masao Yamamoto - é

Masao Yamamoto's gorgeous new monograph, "é", provides an ideal forum for his exquisite installations of intimate, dreamlike photographs. Working from a Zen philosophy of emptiness, Yamamoto makes images that are essentially vignettes of nature and our intersection with it, ruminating over the passage of time and memory. His finished prints are miniature treasures (averaging 3x5 inches and smaller) that are toned, stained, torn, marked, rubbed and creased. One has an experience of looking at a group of found vintage photographs, telling a familiar and unique story. Printed on uncoated Japanese paper in an oversized format, "é" comprises 59 photographs on 21 double-pages, included a double gatefold that opens to 52x16 inches. His fifth title with Nazraeli Press ("A box of Ku", "Nakazora", "Omizuao" and "The Path of Green Leaves" have all sold out), "é" is limited to 2,500 copies. Hardbound in fine cloth with dustjacket . First Edition, 2005, Nazraeli Press, 16x13". Signed (in Japanese characters) by Masao Yamamoto. $99.00.

Emi Anrakuji - e hagaki

Perhaps the most uniquely conceived project to date from the acclaimed "One Picture Book" series by Nazraeli Press, Japanese artist Emi Anrakuji presents e hagaki. In the book, Anrakuji displays reproductions of her one-off digital prints (made by digitally printing the extraordinary self-portraits for which she is best known) onto e hagaki (picture postcards). The book concludes with an original, signed portrait printed over a vintage color postcard. Each original print is unique. Each postcard measures approx. 6x4". Limited, numbered edition of 500 copies. 2006, Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Series, 7.25x5.5", 16 pp. with 16 four-color plates. Rare and very limited. Signed by Emi Anrakuji. Click here to view all available prints. $99.00 each.
NOTE: Standard shipping rates apply to this title.

Raymond Meeks - Doctrine of an Axe

In this title from the acclaimed One Picture Book series by Nazraeli Press, Raymond Meeks surveys a constantly shifting landscape, where dormant fields of reposed soil serve a restorative promise, a certain catharsis from our pasts and a metaphor to the synchronistic relationship between the health of the land and the condition of its inhabitants. 2009, First Edition, Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Series, hardcover, 7 1/4 x 5 1/2", 16 pages, 10 plates, 1 original 5 x 3 3/4" photographic print. Limited Edition (#AP/500). Signed by Raymond Meeks. Condition: Excellent, as new.
NOTE: Standard shipping rates apply to this title.

Joseph Mills/e. mars - Lilly's Waist

From the Publisher: If her skin were dark would she feel this way? Would the fibrous connections, as binding as high tension cables, have saddled her to her kin and their ways, given her placement in the universe, made her a tiny button on the fabric of her people, secure to contemplate all that mysterious depth and distance of the bowl of heavens under which she slept? Or, being a woman, would her secret heart have remain forbidden in the fixedness of her people's ways? Lilly's Waist (Joseph Mills' contribution to this acclaimed series by Nazraeli Press) is based on a literary work by the artist e. mars. The handwritten manuscript, with drawings, is reproduced on the pages of this book, culminating in a collage by Joseph Mills created especially for this project. 2006, First Edition, Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Series, hardcover, 7 1/4 x 5 1/2", 16 pages, 7 four-color plates, 1 original 6 1/2 x 5" photographic print. Limited Edition (#79/500). Signed and by the Artists. Condition: Excellent, as new. ONE AVAILABLE. $99.00.
NOTE: Standard shipping rates apply to this title.

Toshio Shibata - Dam

Toshio Shibata is well known for his large-format landscape photographs, particularly those made in Japan. Shibata's photographs of mountain sides overlaid by concrete "netting" and other engineering devices to prevent erosion and landslides are marked by their abstract beauty and sense of immense scale. Printed in a large 17x14 inch format, and hardbound in Japanese cloth, Dam is limited to an edition of 500 numbered and signed copies. Each copy of the book features an original print on the front cover (shown here), protected by a matching slipcase. Shibata's work has been widely exhibited and published throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. It has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris. 2004, Nazraeli Press, 17x14", 19 duotone plates. Now listed by the publisher as sold out/out-of-print. Signed by Toshio Shibata. ONE AVAILABLE. $199.00.

Joni Sternbach - SurfLand

From the Publisher: Joni Sternbach makes her photographs in tintype, a labor-intensive technique little changed since its invention in the 1850s. Spontaneous and unpredictable, the streaks and tonal variations in the finished photographs reflect their hand-made character, the corners rubbed where they were held in the camera. The best of Sternbach's photographs convey insistent longing. They are about relationships – the relationship between surfer and board, between human and landscape, between photographer and subject, and between the surfers themselves...she has discovered a new sort of home – a place without walls, defined only by belonging and the physicality of existence.

The deluxe limited edition includes a signed and numbered archival pigment print photograph of "Hawaiian Ed" (shown at left). Limited edition of 20 prints. The image size is approximately 7 x 8 1/2", printed on 8 1/2 x 9 5/8" paper. The book is hardbound, and housed in a matching slipcase with the print (which is presented in a clothbound folio).

2009, First Edition, photolucida, 8 3/4 x 10 1/4", 80 pages, 52 tri-tone plates. Book is signed and numbered by the Artist. Print is signed, titled and numbered by the Artist au verso. Signed by Joni Sternbach. $400.00.

Ron van Dongen - A. angustatum

Adding a subtle twist to his first Nazraeli Press "One Picture Book", Rosa Ferreus, Ron van Dongen follows up with A. angustatum, a frame-by-frame recording of "Arisaema Angustatum, 2001" in its transition from a tender, unassuming shoot photographed in black-and-white to the mature arisaema shown right in all its glory. The original color photograph (shown here) that is included in the book measures approx. 5x4". Limited, numbered edition of 500 copies. 2006, Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Series, 7.25x5.5", 16 pp. with 13 four-color plates. Rare and very limited. Signed by Ron van Dongen. ONE AVAILABLE. $99.00.
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Hiroshi Watanabe - Love Point

Japanese-born photographer Hiroshi Watanabe has become an important force in the medium during the past several years, with a a growing list of monographs, artist's books, exhibitions and awards to his credit. Love Point, his first publication with Nazraeli Press, is a pocket-sized, collectible version of a collaboration with the novelist Richard Curtis Hauschild. The original gelatin silver print photograph (shown here) that is included in the book measures approx. 4.5x4.5". Limited, numbered edition of 500 copies. 2010, Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Series, 7.25x5.5", 16 pp. with 7 duotone plates. Rare and very limited. Signed by Hiroshi Watanabe. ONE AVAILABLE. $99.00.
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