Twenty Minutes in Houston – Susan Keiser

Susan Keiser
In the Green Light, 2013 from the series In Memory's Dream

Archival pigment print photograph
Available in two sizes, as follows:
12x18", limited edition of 12 numbered prints in this size: $600.
18x27" limited edition of 9 numbered prints in this size: $900.
Signed by the artist.
Print prices are set by the artist and increase as the edition sells out.

The artist states, "The small cardboard box containing the entire photographic archive of my childhood was destroyed in a flood, freeing me to reimag(in)e my story on a larger scale and from a more universal point of view. The resulting project, "A River Made of Time and Memory," is the record not actual events, but of emotional truths, shaped and colored by years of reflection. Through haunting portraits, abstract visions, and unsettling domestic scenes, the images crystallize my perceptions of life and art. Visions appear, images aggregate into series, and the river flows on. This portrait is from the series, In Memory's Dream."

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