Twenty Minutes in Houston – Greaves

Toni Greaves
Recreation, 2008 from the series Radical Love

Archival pigment print photograph
Available in two sizes, as follows:
17x22", limited edition of 25 numbered prints in this size: $700.
24x36", limited edition of 10 numbered prints in this size: $1,400.
Signed by the artist.
Print prices are set by the artist and increase as the edition sells out.

The artist states, "21-year-old Lauren Franko was in college, leading a rich and full life out in "the World", as she calls it. She had a boyfriend and plans for marriage and children. But instead of this seemingly known path, she felt called to religious life and, after hearing God propose to her via a song on YouTube, has chosen to live her life as a cloistered nun. She now leads a hidden life of prayer and ritual, shielding herself from the outside world in order to focus on the spiritual realm, and a higher calling of praying to save all souls. Radical Love is a photographic narrative of the beginning of Sister Lauren's journey within a small monastic community in New Jersey, USA. Documenting her passage through the foundational years of religious life, the story is a window into her early love of God. The project reveals her daily interactions living within a small community of nuns who are in various stages of their own spiritual paths, the same path that lay ahead for her."

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