Attention America Online customers: AOL users should open a non-AOL browser window for optimum results.
If you are using the America Online web browser, you may be seeing distorted photo images. It depends on how
you have your preferences set. AOL’s browser has a default option to over compress the graphics at AOL before
they transmit them to you. This over compression can allow images to download and display faster; however it will
severely┬ádistort many images. If you must use AOL’s web browser then do yourself a favor and turn off the image
compression. You can access this feature from the ‘preferences’ button.


We do our very best at Soulcatcher Studio to accurately reproduce the images you are viewing on this website.
We feel that the quality of images displayed throughout our website rivals that of any other fine art photography
dealer on the World Wide Web; a fact we are very proud of. However, the technological limitations in screen
resolution and variations of an individual computer monitor display cannot always replicate the subtle tonal range
and brilliantly luminous print qualities of an original photograph. If you enjoy the imagery you are viewing here
then rest assured, you will love viewing the original photograph in your own home even more. We stand behind
everything we sell and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Thanks for visiting.


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