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Rolfe Horn
Roman Loranc

Soulcatcher Studio is pleased to present this exhibition of new work by two of our represented artists, Rolfe Horn and Roman Loranc. Horn and Loranc are both traditional, wet darkroom artists, still committed to producing handmade gelatin silver print photographs in the digitial age. This exhibition features images from Horn's recent travels through Washington State and California, and images from Loranc's recent travels through California, Europe and China.

Rolfe Horn: Horn was born in Walnut Creek, California in 1971. Having graduated with numerous honors from the prestigious Brooks Institute in 1996, Rolfe set out to record the subtle nuances found in his native California, producing dream-like imagery, often under cover of darkness. In 1998 Rolfe had the great fortune to be hired as an assistant for Michael Kenna. He worked intensely with Kenna for over three years, all the while honing his own craft. Through his collaboration Rolfe became keenly aware of the subtleties of the fine art print: the balance of tonality, composition, the movement of the eye within the image, as well as perfecting the finished piece.

The artist states, "Art is an expression of life that transcends both time and space. We must explore our own souls through art to give a new form and a new meaning to the nature of the world. The creation of a photograph is the unfolding of the personality, the deepening of the personal dimension of the soul. I hope my images bring to you the wonder I have seen."

Rolfe Horn's photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions since 1989 and are held in many private and public collections such as the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX.

Horn shapes the image from start to finish. All the traditional, wet darkroom printing, spotting, and archival mounting are done by the photographer.

Roman Loranc: Loranc was born in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, in 1956. He emigrated to the United States in 1981. In 1984 he moved to California, and shortly thereafter fell in love with the Central Valley.

Some photographers believe their strongest work comes from exploring their immediate surroundings. "I think of myself as a regional photographer," Loranc says, "but that does not mean the photography cannot be understood beyond the region. Right now people all over the United States indicate to me that regionalism, born of an informed attachment, has universal appeal." Loranc shoots many of his pictures within a few hours drive of his home near Weed, California, but he is also interested in exploring his ancestral roots in Europe. For this reason he makes occasional photographic forays into Poland and Lithuania.

"I'm fascinated by the ancient churches of my homeland," Loranc says. "These are holy spaces where millions of people have prayed for hundreds of years. They are places of great humility, and remind us how brief our lives are. I feel the same way when I'm photographing ancient groves of native oaks in California. I was unconscious of this when I began, but upon reflection, I think the oaks are just as sacred as the old cathedrals of Europe. They are sacred in that they have survived for so many years. I'm aware that the native people of California held all living things as divine. For me a grove of Valley Oaks is as sacred as any church in Europe."

Loranc shapes the photo from start to finish. All the traditional, wet darkroom printing, spotting, and archival mounting are done by the photographer.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition and sale of beautiful fine art photographs.
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Rolfe Horn
Roman Loranc
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