Barack Obama – Rally

Callie Shell
Rally, Columbia, South Carolina 2007
“South Carolina proved Obama could make a stand in the South. I live in Charleston, S.C., and his win in the state’s primary really made a difference to people – both black and white. Several days before the primary, my cab driver told me he was going to vote for Obama but he didn’t believe a black man could win against a white man or woman. I called him after the election to see if he voted. With pride in his voice he said, ‘I did and I took my kid with me and the next day I told him he was right. He could be anything he wanted to be someday, even President.’ ” ~Callie Shell

Epson Ultrachrome Print Photograph
Signed in pencil au recto in print margin.
13×19″ image, printed on 17×22″ paper.

Also available in 9×13″ image, printed on 11×14″ paper.
Signed in pencil au recto in print margin.

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