Robert Hecht

A Moment's Notice: Photographs by Robert Hecht

Soulcatcher Studio is pleased to present A Moment's Notice - Photographs by Robert Hecht. This exhibition features a body of work Hecht (born 1941) calls Spontaneous Still Life. He states, "My approach is to seize the moment when the subject, the light, and my perception and feeling all come together spontaneously. I try to let the picture find me, rather than consciously searching for it."

The philosophical underpinning of Robert Hecht's work is Zen Buddhism, a simple practice in which a great deal of attention is paid to the present moment and to the quiet beauty around us. None of these images has been premeditated or arranged; the subject matter is most often mundane material encountered during his day to day life and then photographed exactly as it was found. Part of his conscious discipline as a photographer is to follow the subtle shifts of light, shadows and reflections, and to remain open to a variety of subject matter that may not appear beautiful at first blush but rather may emerge upon careful looking.

"In the 1970s I studied with Ruth Bernhard, and some of her thinking about seeing influenced me. There was one image she showed me that particularly hit hard, of a glass doorknob with reflections, made there in her San Francisco flat. From that single image I saw that subject matter truly is everywhere and that you could integrate the making of pictures into daily life, that it didn't have to be a separate activity." ~Robert Hecht

Robert Hecht's work incorporates influences from Bernhard and other classic black-and-white master photographers such as Paul Caponigro and Wynn Bullock. His work has been exhibited and collected by galleries and museums nationally and internationally, including the Stanford University Museum of Art and the prestigious Beck & Eggeling Gallerie of Modern Art in Düsseldorf, Germany. It has been published recently in such leading photography publications as LensWork, Black & White Magazine and Photographer's Forum.

Print Information: Print prices start at $500.00, are set by the artist, increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact Soulcatcher Studio for current pricing information. Images are offered in a limited edition of 25 (plus 5 Artist Proofs) as archival pigment print photographs, custom made by the artist using the finest baryta glossy surface paper and archival inks for optimal print longevity (estimated by Wilhelm Imaging Research at 200-plus years under favorable storage and display conditions). Image sizes are typically approximately 9x12 inches - actual dimensions vary depending upon the individual image composition. All prints are mounted on 16x20 inch 100% cotton rag acid-free museum board, over-matted with 16x20 inch 100% cotton rag acid-free museum board, and ready for framing.

Print Pricing Structure:
Prints 1-5: $500.
Prints 6-10: $750.
Prints 11-15: $1,000.
Prints 16-20: $1,500.
Prints 21-24: $2,500.
Print 25: Held by Artist

Inquire if you have other favorite images by this artist, as we can offer his entire portfolio of work for sale.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition and sale of beautiful fine art photographs.
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