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Soulcatcher Studio is pleased to present the first exhibition of brand new work by this important up-and-coming artist. Rolfe Horn is one of the most promising talents to emerge in the field of fine art photography in recent years. Wise beyond his thirty-six years of age, he seeks to create a new style of visual storytelling, rather than simply copy the traditional views of Western landscape masters of the past.

Having graduated with numerous honors from the prestigious Brooks Institute in 1996, Rolfe set out to record the subtle nuances found in his native California, producing dream-like imagery, often under cover of darkness. In 1998 Rolfe had the great fortune to be hired as an assistant for Michael Kenna. He worked intensely with Kenna for over three years, all the while honing his own craft. Through his collaboration Rolfe became keenly aware of the subtleties of the fine art print: the balance of tonality, composition, the movement of the eye within the image, as well as perfecting the finished piece.

Most recently Rolfe was commissioned to illustrate a new Italian novel, Carmen Via: Journey in the Songlines of Italy by Bernhard Anson Silj. Rolfe had the pleasure of visiting and photographing many important, historical sites including the Roman Forum, the Hero's Coast and the final Etruscan battlesite, among others. The book is described as a novel, and in the same breath, a guidebook for the physical and metaphysical traveller: a rich, compelling invitation to explore the ribbons of stories woven into the landscapes of Italy.

"Art is an expression of life that transcends both time and space. We must explore our own souls through art to give a new form and a new meaning to the nature of the world. The creation of a photograph is the unfolding of the personality, the deepening of the personal dimension of the soul. I hope my images bring to you the wonder I have seen." ~Rolfe Horn

Rolfe Horn's photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions since 1989 and are held in many private and public collections such as the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition and sale of beautiful fine art photographs.
Pricing and print information can be found at the bottom of this page.

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All gelatin silver print photographs measure approximately 10 x 10 inches. They are archivally processed by the artist, mounted on 100% cotton rag, acid-free four ply museum board, over-matted to 18 x 20 inches and ready to frame.

Each image is offered in a limited edition of 25 prints (and three Artist Proofs). Prices start at $800, increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice.

Other photographs by this artist are also available. Please contact Soulcatcher Studio if you are interested in these or any other images. You can also view many other examples from Rolfe's large body of work at his own website: www.f45.com.

Signed copies of Rolfe Horn's monograph 28 Photographs are available in our bookstore.

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