Duane Monczewski


Soulcatcher Studio is proud to present Calle de Luz, by Santa Fe-based photographer Duane Monczewski.

Calle de Luz (Street of Light), was produced over the last three decades, largely in the American Southwest and Mexico. Monczewski’s subject matter often consists of deteriorating urban surfaces, hand-made signage, the odd juxtaposition, fragments of information. The incidental decorative impulse, as well as the evidence of the human hand, is celebrated in the work. Monczewski states, “I enjoy the decorative quality of the final photographic print as well.”

He continues, “I believe that I am a formalist at heart. I hope to discern some semblance of form and structure in the most chaotic and rough hewn. The basic elements of light, surface, and color are utilized to help bring about order. Careful observation of light is a given. The grid-like compositions I often use help to reinforce the integrity of the picture plane. Color can provide a direct circuit to emotional content as well.

Though these photographs are often made in clean midday light, my hope is that they retain some element of mystery as well. According to Beaumont Newhall, every photograph is a puzzle. When I’m photographing in Mexico I’m always looking for visual solutions, the relationship of light, color, composition, and feeling. How I put all that together in the photograph is the challenge.”

Monczewski grew up in Detroit, Michigan, attending the University of Michigan and Humboldt State University in California. In 1981, he moved to Santa Fe in order to teach photography at the University of New Mexico at Los Alamos, as well as the College of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Community College. He cites the street photography of Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander as major influences in his work.

Monczewski’s photographs have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Museums.


Print Information: All chromogenic color print photographs are printed by the artist, using traditional wet darkroom methods. They are all 16×20″ numbered, open edition prints; signed, titled, numbered and dated in ink, au verso. Image sizes vary slightly, depending upon the format camera used (see each individual image for complete details). Print prices start at $750.
Please inquire if you have other favorite images by this artist, as we can offer his entire portfolio of work for sale.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition and sale of beautiful fine art photographs.
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