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O. Winston Link (1914-2001)
“S1A ‘Switcher’ Class 261 and its Crew, Shaffers Crossing, Roanoke,Virginia”

R/C Print Photograph
Signed in pencil au verso.
Print Size: 13.5×52.5″
Negative Date: 1958
Printed Later
Framed and matted to an overall size of 23×62″
$25,000. (framed)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004)
“Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris, 1932”

Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed in ink and blind stamped au recto.
Print Size: 20×16″
Negative Date: 1932
Print Date: circa 2002

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004)
“Queen Charlotte’s Ball, London, England, 1959”

Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed in ink and blind stamped au recto.
Print Size: 20×16″
Negative Date: 1959
Print Date: circa 2002

Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)
“Qahatika Girl, 1908”

Plate 56 from Portfolio II in Curtis’s 20 volume set, The North American Indian.

Vintage photogravure (printed on Japanese Vellum paper)
Approx. Paper Size: 22×18″
Approx. Image Size: 15.75×11.75″
Negative Date: 1908
Print Date: Circa 1908

O. Winston Link (1914-2001)
J-Class 605 Being Washed, Shaffers Crossing, Roanoke, Virginia, 1955

Borderless Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed in pencil by the artist, au verso.
OWL Studio stamp in black ink, au verso.
Paper Size: 24×20″
Negative Date: 1955
Print Date: 1991 (Printed by the artist)

Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006)
“Classic Torso with Hands, 1952”

Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed in pencil on mount au recto and au verso.
Print Size: Approx. 13.5×10.5″ on 20×16″ mount.
Negative Date: 1952
Print Date: circa 1990s

Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006)
“Perspective II, 1967”

Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed in pencil on mount au recto and au verso.
Print Size: Approx. 7×13.25″ on 20×16″ mount.
Negative Date: 1967
Print Date: circa 1990s

Susan Burnstine
“The Approach, 2007”

Ultrachrome Pigment Print Photograph
Signed in pencil, au verso.
Print Size: 16×16″, overmatted and framed to 28×24″.
Edition: 9/15
Negative Date: 2007
Print Date: 2008

Eliot Porter (1901-1990)
“Apples, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine”

Color Dye Transfer Print Photograph
Signed in pencil on mount au recto.
Print Size: 16×12″
Negative Date: 1942
Print Date: circa 1989
$1,500. (framed)

William Clift
“White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly, AZ”

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed in pencil on mount au recto.
Image Size: 6.5×9.5″
Negative Date: 1975
Print Date: circa 1978
$5,000. (framed)

George Hurrell (1904-1992)
“Anna May Wong, 1938”

Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Signed and numbered in ink au recto.
Print Size: 24×20″
Negative Date: 1938
Print Date: circa 1980

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For over 25 years, Phil Borges has been visiting and documenting indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. His images tap deeply into the human spirit of his subjects. Through his various exhibits, books, and educational programs, he strives to promote cultural diversity. Borges’ work has been called a balance of intense empathy and clean, clear craft. The Seattle-based photographer travelled after college exploring exotic places. In the 1980s, Borges gave up a lucrative career in dentistry to master photography. His travel background was surely an influence as he journeyed to Asia, Africa, and South America and recorded affecting portraits of Tibetans and other indigenous people around the world. Borges’ riveting portraits have been the subject of over 80 museum and solo gallery exhibits worldwide and are included in numerous museum and private collections. His award-winning books have been published in four languages.

In 1998 Borges was presented the Photo Media Magazine Photoperson of the Year” award. His first book, Tibetan Portrait: The Power of Compassion (Rizzoli, 1996), is in its fifth printing, and his exhibit and book, Enduring Spirit, was selected by Amnesty International for the global celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Borges’ book, The Gift, documents the work of Interplast, an organization that provides reconstructive surgery for children in developing countries. Shot in Peru and Vietnam, The Gift is helping Interplast celebrate thirty years of service to children around the world. Another current project focuses on the people of selected indigenous cultures and their relationship to the natural world. The exhibition documents the individuals in these cultures who mediate the spiritual relationship between the community and the environment – the people we in the West refer to as shamans.

Phil’s body and work and subsequent book, “Women Empowered: Inspiring Change in the Emerging World” focuses on women of all ages that are working for positive change in their own communities around the world. He states, “In 2004 I partnered with the organization CARE to bring attention to the necessity of empowering women in the global campaign to alleviate poverty. I traveled to Africa, Asia and South America to gather the stories of extraordinary women in remote parts of the world who have empowered themselves and their communities. Here are a few of these women, remote and mostly unknown, on the vanguard of a global shift toward gender equality.”

Borges is the founder of Bridges to Understanding, an online classroom program connecting children from indigenous and tribal cultures with their urban contemporaries for the purpose of exploring and preserving cultural diversity. He also teaches and lectures internationally, and is co-founder of Blue Earth Alliance, a non-profit organization that sponsors photographic projects focusing on endangered cultures and threatened environments. He lives with his family in Seattle.

Phil has hosted three television documentaries for Discovery and National Geographic as a part of a series that investigates indigenous cultures that still maintain a spiritual dialogue with the natural world. His photographs are collected and exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Print Information: Prints are offered in a limited edition of either 35 or 50 images (depending upon the series). Prices begin at $800. (unframed). Traditional “Borges-style” shadowbox framing is available, at an additional charge.

Each image in the Women Empowered series is offered in a limited edition of 35 prints (and five Artist Proofs). All limited edition photographic prints are Chromogenic prints with archival pigment inks, produced under the direct supervision of the artist. Print prices start at $800 (unframed), increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice. Please inquire if you have other favorite images by this artist, as we can offer his entire portfolio of work for sale.

Portrait of Phil Borges (above) by Jeff Gima. Copyright © Jeff Gima, 2009. All rights reserved.

Click here to view Women Empowered: Inspiring Change in the Emerging World,
our exhibition and sale of fine art photography by Phil Borges.

Other photographs by this artist are also available. Please contact Soulcatcher Studio
if you are interested in these or any other images.

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“The plant never lapses into mere arid functionalism; it fashions and shapes according to logic and suitability, and with its primeval force compels everything to attain the highest artistic form.” – Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) was a German instructor of sculpture who used his remarkable photographs of plant studies to educate his students about design in nature. Self-taught in photography, his hobby soon grew into a life-encompassing passion. He devoted himself to the study of nature, photographing nothing but plants for thirty-five years.

Adiantum pedatum

Blossfeldt was a student in Berlin at a time when the judgenstil movement was at its peak. This ‘Young Style’ was the German equivalent of Art Nouveau, and used organic designs often found in nature as its inspiration. In 1891 he received a scholarship which allowed him to travel to Italy, Greece, Egypt and North Africa. During this experience abroad he had an extraordinary opportunity to collect many rare and beautiful plant specimens. After five years he returned to Berlin, where he constructed his own large-format camera and began making images of a wide variety of plants.

Forsythia suspensa

Blossfeldt focused on flowers, stems, leaves, buds, tendrils, seeds and seed pods, meticulously arranging them to show the intricate, elegant architectural structure of their natural formations. His photographs were taken using either a vertical or horizontal perspective and could be magnified up to twenty-seven times their actual size, revealing extraordinary details within the natural structure of the plants. In the process he created some of the most innovative photographic work of his time, the simple yet expressive forms captured on film affirmed his boundless artistic and intellectual ability.


In 1928 Blossfeldt published his masterwork, Urformen der Kunst (Art Forms in Nature). This was followed up with Wundergarten Der Natur (Magic Garden of Nature), published the year he died, 1932. These rarely seen subtly toned black and white photogravure images are now recognized as vital contributions to the history of photography and they remain as intriguing today as they are beautiful. Their affordability also makes them a wonderful item with which to begin a collection.

Soulcatcher Studio offers a large selection of first edition photogravures by Karl Blossfeldt, all of which can be viewed here.

Cornus Florida

Soulcatcher Studio is proud to present the complete 1928 first edition portfolio of Karl Blossfeldt’s masterwork, Urformen der Kunst (Art Forms in Nature), exhibited for the first time ever in its entirety on the World Wide Web. Click here to view this exhibition of exquisite fine art photographs.

Recommended Reading:

Karl Blossfeldt : 1865-1932, by Hans Christian Adam, TASCHEN, hardcover published April 1999.

Art Forms in the Plant World : 120 Full-Page Photographs, by Karl Blossfeldt, Dover Publications, softcover published February 1986.

Karl Blossfeldt, by Rolf Sachse, TASCHEN, softcover published April 1997.

Karl Blossfeldt : The Alphabet of Plants, te Neues Publishing Company, hardcover published December 1998.

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© Photograph Courtesy John Reiff Williams

Each time I make a photograph I celebrate the life I love and the beauty I know and the
happiness I have experienced. All my photographs are made like that..
 ~Ruth Bernhard

Soulcatcher Studio is honored to be able to offer you these fine photographs. We are proud to have joined in the celebration of Ruth Bernhard’s 100th birthday with our special retrospective exhibition, Ruth Bernhard: Eternal Gifts. Hailed by Ansel Adams as “the greatest photographer of the nude,” Ruth Bernhard lived a life that spanned a century of passionate, ceaseless exploration of the magic of light to create form.

Ruth Bernhard was born on October 14, 1905 in Werder, Germany, near Berlin. Daughter of the legendary graphic artist and type designer Lucian Bernhard, Ruth moved from her native Germany to New York at the age of twenty-one. There, her…artistic life blossomed among the designers and artists of the new modernist movement who inhabited the vibrant cultural center that was New York in the thirties. A 1935 encounter in California with photographer Edward Weston led to her passion for photography as an artistic medium, and thus began her unending commitment to the making of exquisitely perfected photographs. The first image she made after meeting Weston, “Creation, 1936”, a hand cradling a doll’s head, remains her favorite. “When I am working on a still life,” she later explained, “it might be days before I make an exposure, and then it will be only one negative.”

Ruth’s photography began appearing in print in the early 1930s, and in the June 1939 issue of U.S. Camera, she was “the American Aces” cover story. By that time, she had produced work on many subjects: children, shells, animals, dolls, still lifes, and nudes. Ruth’s first photograph of the nude was in 1934, but she did not begin concentrating on the genre until the 1950s and 60s. Bernhard worked for decades in a male-dominated field before her own achievements were appreciated. At a time when women were rarely acknowledged in photography, Ruth carved out her own trademark style.

Bernhard was a pioneer, photographing the nude long before contemporary society accepted freedom of expression about the naked body. This individuality combined with great wisdom has attracted generations of devoted students. For over forty years Ruth enjoyed a distinguished career as a revered workshop teacher and lecturer. During her lifetime she had more than 200 exhibitions around the world and innumerable books have reproduced her images. Since 1996, her works have become part of the permanent archive of Princeton University.

Ruth Bernhard died on December 18, 2006 at her home in San Francisco, California.

Each time I make a photograph I celebrate the life I love and the beauty I know and the happiness I have experienced. All my photographs are made like that ~ responding to my intuition… After all these years, I am still motivated by the radiance that light creates when it transforms an object into something magical. What the eye sees is an illusion of what is real. The black-and-white image is yet another transformation. What exactly exists, we may never know.” ~Ruth Bernhard

Print Information: All photographic prints are archivally processed gelatin silver prints made from original photographic negatives, printed under supervision of the artist. Prints are dry-mounted on 16×20″ 2-ply, acid-free mat board. They are signed in pencil on the front of the mount at the lower right corner of the print. They are also signed in pencil on the back of the mount. A Bernhard Studio stamp in ink also appears on the back of the mount. No digital manipulation is used at any stage of the process.

Prints are available in two standard paper sizes: 8×10″ and 11×14″. For both technical and aesthetic reasons, not all images are available in all sizes (please inquire). Actual image sizes vary from that of the standard paper size.

Prints are produced in an open, unnumbered edition. Current prices depend upon the individual image and print size.

Click here to view Ruth Bernhard: Eternal Gifts, our special retrospective
exhibition and sale of Ruth Bernhard’s fine art photographs

All artwork is copyright © of the respective artist or estate. All rights reserved.
Biographical information from the book, Ruth Bernhard: Between Art and Life, by Margaretta Mitchell.
Copyright © Margaretta Mitchell; Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2000. All rights reserved.

Ruth Bernhard: Between Art and Life is available in our bookstore, along with other signed titles by this artist.

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Ansel Adams 

Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984)
Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941

Silver Gelatin Print Photograph
Negative Date: October 31, 1941
Print Date: 1970s
Mounted, signed in pencil on mount, stamped on verso
Call for price.

Other photographs by this artist are also available. Please contact Soulcatcher Studio
if you are interested in this or any other images.

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