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Melting Away: Photographs by Camille Seaman


Soulcatcher Studio is proud to present a dynamic new body of work by renowned photographer, TED Senior Fellow and Stanford University Knight Fellow, Camille Seaman. Seaman (Shinnecock Tribe, b.1969) is an Award-winning American photographer who became best known through her evocative Polar images. Capturing the essence of awe and beauty of indigenous cultures and environments, in a sophisticated documentary/fine art tradition is her trademark.

More than a decade ago, Camille Seaman visited Alaska, Svalbard and Antarctica. It was here that her love affair with the Polar Regions begin; a love affair that spanned 10 years and tens of thousands of photographs. While the views and wildlife made for beautiful images, Seaman also felt a connection to her Native American heritage. Her father is of the Shinnecock tribe on Long Island, and she grew up with a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, nature. She saw those icebergs as part of her own world. “I approached them as my relatives, literally, and not in some poetic way,” she says. “I saw them as part of my lineage, as part of my existence. And I think that kind of approach allowed for emotion to be present in the photographs.”

She continues, “I was raised to see all things as interconnected with each being equal to the other and to respect all that is as living, including stones and ice. Icebergs are not just beautiful chunks of ice but active beings, essential to the vast eco system we call Earth, born and grown through the process of one snowflake nestling atop another for many thousands of years. This perspective of life on Earth arises from ancient tribal views given me as a child, and this perspective is my lens, one I hope will prove valuable in this new century as we assess how humanity might move forward delicately exercising greater care and concern for the planet we all share than we have previously.”

Ultimately, Seaman stopped traveling to and taking pictures of the Arctic and Antarctic in 2011. She recently told Wired that, “no picture I could take would make enough of a difference.” And so, after 10 years, she decided that the impact her photographs were making wasn’t worth the fossil fuels she was burning to reach her subjects. She saw the next few years as a time to regroup, process all that she had been through over the previous decade and discover where she wanted to go next with her work.

She states, “Now more than ever the task of my work seems critically important. As a species we stand at a precipice poised to take many other species over the edge with us, into the abyss of extinction. I have had great honors of exhibition, publication, speaking, etc. still I felt great frustration watching our precious Polar Regions melt away. As an artist I strive for my images to have impact and motivate positive change. As a TED Fellow and now currently as a Senior TED Fellow my work and its message are granted a global stage. Now it is time to work again. So much to do. I take on only long term projects of a decade or more. I feel that the commitment to a subject for extended duration reveals a core truth, work that is solid and will stand witness as documents; historically relevant pieces that speak to my time, my experience on this planet.”

Seaman has traveled to over 30 countries creating timeless images. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and published in magazines worldwide (including National Geographic, Newsweek, TIME and many more). Seaman’s career was launched when she traveled north to the Arctic in 2003 where she made stunning photographs of the little known island of Svalbard and its Arctic environment. She has studied with many top-name social-documentary photographers, including Steve McCurry, Sebastião Salgado and Paul Fusco. Seaman herself often teaches workshops on photography and self-publishing. She was named by American Photo Magazine as one of the top 15 emerging photographers of 2007. Other select awards include: Artist in Residence onboard M/V Orlova in Antarctica (2007); Critical Mass Top Monograph Book Award (2006); National Geographic Award (2006); Nikon.Net Editor’s Choice Award (2006).

A note from Soulcatcher Studio Gallery Director, Eric J. Keller: Consider this –- by purchasing one of Camille’s fine art prints, you are not only bringing a breathtaking piece of artwork into your home for yourself and others to enjoy for years to come, you are also raising conscious awareness and helping to fund future expeditions by Camille, as she attempts to have a genuine impact on the world, motivating positive change and securing the beauty and resources of this planet for future generations. Thank you.

Print Information: All photographic prints are printed by the artist using the Epson Ultrachrome archival pigmented inkjet processes. Prints are unmounted and signed, editioned and titled in pencil au verso.

Unless otherwise noted, prints are produced in three distinct image sizes: 15×23″, 20×30″ and 32×48″ (printed on larger paper).

Prints are produced in a limited edition of either five or nine prints (plus two Artist Proofs), depending on the individual print size. Print prices are set by the artist and start at $1,000.00 (for the smallest size prints). Print prices increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice. Please inquire if you have other favorite images by this artist, as we offer her entire portfolio of work for sale. Larger, more detailed digital image files are available for viewing via Email upon request.

Camille’s newest major monograph (released in late 2014), Melting Away: A Ten-Year Journey Through Our Endangered Polar Regions, has been recently published in hardcover by Princeton Architectural Press and is available now at fine bookstores everywhere.


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