Edward Weston

Prints by Cole Weston

Edward Weston’s photographs have become true iconic images in the history of photography. Weston himself remains one of the absolute masters of the medium. More than a great photographer, though, Weston was a pioneering modernist; one whose work evolved in response to contemporary movements in all the arts.

Edward Weston’s last will and testament states that his son Cole is the only individual given the right to print from his father’s original negatives. Cole spent many years under his father’s direct supervision, in his darkroom, perfecting the techniques necessary to do these great works of art justice. From 1946, until Edward’s death in 1958, Cole worked with, or saw his father every day. Cole stopped printing from these negatives in the late 1980s in order to pursue his own career in photography. According to Edward’s own will these negatives will never be printed again. Cole Weston passed away on April 20, 2003.

These are contact prints, made directly from Edward’s original 8×10″ negatives, and printed to his exact specifications by the one person that could do the job right. The finished image size is approximately 7×9″ and mounted on 16×14″ archival rag board. On the reverse is the Edward Weston ink stamp (illustrated below) with Cole Weston’s signature in pencil.

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