Twenty Minutes in Houston – Miho Kajioka

Miho Kajioka
#04, 2013 from the series As It Is

Gelatin silver print photograph
Approx. 7x5", limited edition of 25 numbered prints in this size.
Signed by the artist.
Print prices are set by the artist, start at $450.00 and increase as the edition sells out.

Miho Kajioka creates unique, delicate prints; what I would call 'jewels'. Each print within the edition is slightly different from the next; created by hand, with rough edges and hand-inked print information, au verso. Her prints vary in size within this powerful series; this being one of the larger pieces. Some measure just 2x2". They are wonderful to hold and behold. - Eric J. Keller, Gallery Director, Soulcatcher Studio

The artist states, "Those kids are evacuees from Okuma, Fukushima, the town where the nuclear plant is. They are living 100 km away from their home since the disaster and they will never be able to go back home. In my "as it is" series, however, tragedy is not what I am trying to present. I am presenting images that relate to Fukushima disaster, but also presenting images such as a flower, running kids, flying birds or such kind of innocent images as well. What I am trying to say is that it is our eyes that judge what is happy and sad, but the most of things are neutral. Everything is as it is."

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