Nude – Masao Yamamoto

Masao Yamamoto
from “Nakazora”

Toned Gelatin Silver Print Photograph
Limited Edition print with scroll, housed in a custom-made box of heavy clear acrylic.
One in a sold-out edition of 100 prints.
Signed in pencil au verso.
Print size: 3 1/4 x 2 3/4″.


This print accompanies the deluxe limited edition of Nakazora and is strictly limited to one hundred numbered sets,
each signed by the artist. It is housed in a custom-made box of heavy clear acrylic, with the Nakazora scroll,
also signed Masao Yamamoto. Wood and paper scroll, 12 x 228 inches, with 46 four-color plates, beautifully
on uncoated fine Japanese paper. The scroll is bound by a small loose title sheet with an attached string.
The Deluxe Edition scroll floats in an all-clear acrylic box which is larger than the wood-and-acrylic box housing
the regular edition of Nakazora. The Deluxe Edition is also hand-chopped (stamped w/ the artist’s name, using his
personal “chop”), whereas on the regular edition, the “chop” is foil-stamped in red.
© 2001 Nazraeli Press.


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