Monograph – David Byrne

David Byrne
The New Sins

This Artists Book is as unique as the artist himself. David Byrne (former lead singer of The Talking Heads) originally created The New Sins for the Valencia Biennial art project in Spain, and the book actually was handed out to tourists and concealed in motel rooms. The book also includes over 80 illustrations and photographs by Byrne, most of them wonderful enough to merit their own book. In fact, the text dryly suggests that the illustrations should be the reader’s primary focus. “The text is merely a distraction, a set of brakes, a device to get you to look at the pictures for longer than you would ordinarily.” The text also includes a revised map of The Inferno, which includes public announcement speakers in the top tiers, with human rights activists and missionaries near the bottom. (Journalists fall somewhere in them idle of the eighth circle of Hell, just below market researchers, while serious pop musicians like Byrne reside in the fifth circle.)2001, First North American Edition, McSweeney’s Books, 6 1/2 x 4 1/4″, 128 pages, 80 four-color plates and illustrations. Signed by the Artist and dated April 3, 02. He has also added two hand-drawn boxes, one marked ‘right’, the other marked ‘wrong’. No D/J as issued. With original bellyband as issued. Condition: Excellent, as new.



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