In addition to the artists represented within this website there are several others whose work we
greatly admire. This page will be an ongoing exhibit of some of our favorites. Please contact us
if you would like more information or if you are interested in acquiring any of these fine images.

© Prof. Rudolf Koppitz (1884-1936)
Bewegungsstudie (Study of Movement), 1926
Warm-toned Carbon Print Photograph.
© Laurie Lambrecht – Lake Tree, # 5, 2006
From the series: Lake Trees
Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Renate Aller – June 29, 2007
From the series: One Location – Seascapes. Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Carl Corey – 2226 (Rancher Family Portrait)
From the series: Portraits of Ranchers. Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Sarah Renkes – Arms
From the series: Myth of Memory. Carbon Ink Print Photograph.

© Jared Soares – Fireworks, 2008
Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Angela Bacon-Kidwell – Whispery Moment, 2007
Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Karen Glaser – Big School, 2008
From the series: Dark Sharks. Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Thomas Alleman – Hollywood Freeway, 2007
From the series: Sunshine & Noir: Photographs of Los Angeles. Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Bill Vaccaro – Hell is Real, 2007
From the series: Jesus is on the Mainline. Archival Pigment Print Photograph.

© Heather McClintock – Alema Rose, Aler IDP Camp, Uganda, 2006
From the series: The Innocent – Casualties of the Civil War in Northern Uganda. Archival Pigment Print Photograph.


© Adam Nadel – Anonymous, Kigali, Rwanda, 2004
Digital C-print Photograph.
© Brian Shumway – Boys in Pool. La Chureca. Managua, Nicaragua, 2007
Gelatin Silver Print Photograph.

© Carola Clift – InterViews Combination No. 5, 2005
Diptych: Digital Pigment Print (from original watercolor) and Digital Pigment Print (from gelatin silver print).

All photographs are copyrighted by the respective artist. All Rights Reserved. All other content throughout
Copyright © 2002-16 Eric J. Keller/Soulcatcher Studio. Please respect the individual rights of the artists by
not copying or otherwise using their work without their permission. No part of this site may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the copyright owner(s).
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