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"Eric Keller has a passionate approach to photography and has the depth of knowledge that can only come from the love of it. He approaches his work with a contagious energy, combining enthusiasm with integrity and professionalism. He was very effective organizing all phases of a recent series of benefit screenings of BARAKA, which were accompanied by an exhibition of my photographs."
Mark Magidson, Producer of the motion picture, BARAKA

BARAKA: A World Beyond Words
Photographs by Mark Magidson

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Prices for the Baraka photographs are:

Silver Gelatin Photographs
11x14" - $400.
16x20" - $600.
20x24" - $800.

Ektacolor RC Print Photographs
11x14" - $400.
16x20" - $600.
20x24" - $800.

These photographs are produced in a limited edition of fifty total prints, encompassing
all three print sizes. Most of the images are available in any of these sizes.
They are signed and numbered by the artist.

All artwork is copyright © of the respective artist or estate.
All other material copyright © Soulcatcher Studio. All rights reserved.
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