Bill Schwab – Gathering Calm

Bill Schwab

Gathering Calm
Photographs 1994 ~ 2005

Soulcatcher Studio congratulates Bill Schwab on the recent publication of his new monograph and is very pleased to present this exhibition of some of his greatest work. Included within the exhibition are a selection of brand new images from this year which are as yet unpublished.

” ‘Gathering calm’ perfectly refers not only to the graceful serenity of the imagery in this publication but also to the sensibility that created it. It alludes to a blend of factors: possessing an affinity for a setting, having a vision, and cultivating it through study and hard work. ‘Gathering calm’ is also about having the ability to see a subject, to secure it and to convey it with the same intensity that it was experienced. It suggests a completeness of action that is sophisticated, subtle and not easy to achieve. Bill Schwab knows landscapes – and, indeed, it is evident that he loves them. His methodology is both intuitive and analytical. Often his landscapes are of a splendor that can only be described as poetic. At other times, the subjects are simpler yet equally poignant and range from the humorous to the mysterious.” Nancy Sojka, Curator of Graphic Arts – Detroit Institute of Arts (from the foreword to Bill Schwab’s new monograph, Gathering Calm: Photographs 1994-2004).

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1959, Bill Schwab’s fascination with photography began at an early age. With a Kodak Brownie and a home darkroom kit received as a gift from his father, he taught himself to process film and contact print at age twelve. Following a high school curriculum emphasizing the arts, his formal education began in 1978 at Central Michigan University Art School, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography in 1983. From there he moved to New York City to apprentice under and assist a well-known commercial/fine art photographer. In New York, Schwab gained the necessary insight into the world of commercial photography to help him realize a successful career spanning nearly two decades.

Although Schwab’s style has gradually developed and progressed over the years, the common theme that threads through this growing body of work has been that of the urban landscape. Emphasizing an ethereal, atmospheric quality is imperative in reaching the more emotional as opposed to the literal and for this he chooses to make photographs during inclement weather and challenging lighting situations. The choice of what to photograph is coupled with a very subtle printing style in the yet boundless attempt to make each image reign powerful in emotion and simplicity. Schwab’s images are becoming more widely known, it is in turn becoming part of a growing number of private, public and corporate collections. These include the George Eastman House: International Museum of Photography and Film in New York.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition. Pricing and print information can be found below.

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Phragmepedium 'Wallon'


All photographs are selenium toned silver gelatin prints with an approximate image size of 8×8 inches. Printed in limited editions of 25 (plus 4 Artist Proofs), they are then mounted and over-matted to reveal the photographer’s signature and date in the lower right hand corner of the print and edition number in the lower left. Individual print information and another signature can found on the mount au verso, which is 16×20 inches in overall size and ready to frame. Prices start at $700, increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice.

The pricing structure is as follows*:

1-5 . . . . . . $700.
6-10. . . . . .$900.
11-15 . . . . . $1,500.
16-20 . . . . . $2,000.
21-22 . . . . . $2,500.
23-24 . . . . . $3,000.
25. . . . . . . . .$3,500.

*Please note: Prices are based on the actual sales of each image.
Therefore, the number on the print may not correspond with the current price.

Other photographs by this artist are also available. Please contact Soulcatcher Studio
if you are interested in these or any other images.

Bill Schwab’s new monograph, “Gathering Calm: Photographs 1994~2004” is available in our bookstore

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